How to setup a membership or monthly continuity program in 48 hours or less

“You’re About To Discover How You Can Have Your Own Automated Profit Producing Membership Site or Continuity Program Set Up And Working In 48 Hours Sending You Cash Into Your Bank Account Every Single Month.”

If You Want To Experience The Thrill Of Seeing Regular Money Deposited Into Your Bank Account Month After Month Then Read On.

Nick James, creator of profitable membership sites and continuity programs since 1996 reveals how you can set up your own program within 48 hours and profit from it FAST.

“They Called Me BRAVE?”

It was a bright sunny Tuesday in the Middle of July and the look on their faces was priceless.

I’ll never forget it.

I’d just told my Manager I was leaving the company and handed him my resignation.

“But, but, but you can’t” he said.

I can and I just did.

“But, how will you survive, this is a great career you’re leaving?” Said his secretary.

And that was the start of it.

Over the next few weeks whilst working my notice lots of people wished me good luck, some congratulated me (a few through gritted teeth 🙂 )

However, some people even ...

“Called Me BRAVE!”

For leaving a ‘safe and secure’ career!

But I had a secret.

I wasn’t leaving to start my Internet business from scratch ... I’d already started it part time, working in the evenings and weekends.

I’d made sales online.

And I had my Secret Weapon.

My secret weapon was a membership site that was already brining in nearly $8,000 per month at that point.

Every single month.

Me, brave for leaving my job to strike out on my own with my own online business?


Brave to me is the people who leave their job on a Friday and open a brand new business, starting from scratch, on a Monday.

Now that is BRAVE (and scary!)

Because of my membership site, and having people pay me on a monthly basis, I knew what money was coming into my bank account each month BEFORE I even made a new sale.

Those late nights in my ‘bedroom’ office starting my membership site really paid off ... and it wasn’t that difficult to do either!

Starting your own membership site is perhaps THE best business model ever. Just think about the profound ultimate benefit -

You Find A Customer ONCE And They Continue Spending Money With You Over And Over Again Automatically

With my membership sites I look at the maths like this:

500 Members X $20 Per Month = $10,000 Monthly Income

That's $10K coming in monthly from one site... from just 500 members.

What about these figures...

100 Members x $20 Per Month = $2,000 Monthly Profit
300 Members x $10 Per Month = $3,000 Monthly Profit
1000 Members x $20 Per Month = $20,000 Monthly Profit

As you can see it doesn’t take many members, or big monthly membership fees, to make you a nice healthy income every month. And imagine what your bank account would look like if you had a couple of these sites quietly working away bringing in profits every month for you.

Ever Heard The Saying...

"You’re Only As Good As Your Previous Month"?

If you have ever worked in a sales environment you’ve probably heard that saying as it refers to the fact that no matter how good your sales were the previous month; at the start of the new month you are back at the beginning starting from ZERO again.

On the first of the month off you go again making those sales, trying to bring in the money.

It’s the same with running an internet business... too many people start each month from zero and have to jump on the treadmill looking for those sales to bring in the money.

Now imagine this scenario...

You wake up on the first of each month and you know (give or take a couple of percent) how much money is coming into your bank account WITHOUT you having to make a single new sale that month.

Sounds good?

Of course it does and that is the power of running a membership site or a subscription program where people pay you month after month after month.

The residual income that you receive month after month as the memberships are rebilled is at the heart of why so many people are scrambling to start their own sites.

Unfortunately, the emphasis is on STARTING... with very few FINISHING.

Why is that?

I'll let you in on a little secret that hardly anyone "in the know" is talking about...

Starting And Running A Successful Membership Site The "Traditional" Way

There, I said it. It's the truth and anyone who has a successful membership site knows that it is the truth. It's not an easy thing to start, let alone keep running for an indefinite amount of time.

And I know what I’m talking about as I currently run three very successful 'traditional membership sites'.

Here they are:

I’ve been running membership & continuity projects since December 2000 and although I LOVE traditional Membership sites I do recognise they can be time consuming to run and hard to get started… especially when you want to see the income coming in quickly.

Let me explain why it's so tough (and then, I'll show you how to make it easy to do, and the simple way to having residual income coming in quickly)...

5 Reasons Why Starting A Traditional Membership Site Is A Bad Idea

I can hear you now, asking why on earth I‘d say something like that when I’m a BIG fan of traditional membership sites?

Let me open your eyes and let you see behind the scenes of running a traditional membership site and why it is a bad idea to start one, especially if you’re new to the business.

1. Traditional membership sites require too much work setting up.

One of the biggest reasons why people don't get their membership sites going in the first place is because there is a lot of work that goes into the initial setup. When you factor in writing a 30 to 50 original pieces of content to "stockpile" in your member's area, getting training materials in place, setting up a forum, installing scripts, assembling a "library" of materials, downloads, training videos and other things most membership sites include, it's just too time-consuming for the average person to ever get in place; especially if you still work full time.

2. Traditional membership sites have built-in pressures to create content.

It can be easy to burn out running your own membership site. You think going in that you'll never run out of ideas to write about; I consider myself quite a prolific writer and someone who turns out a LOT of high quality information every month... BUT, let me tell you that I face this problem. Almost everyone does. And, even if you have super powers and can continue coming up with new ideas for years and years, the demands of updating your site 3-5 times per week with new content requires discipline that most of us just don't possess.

3. Traditional membership sites require pricey and complicated scripts.

By running a membership site, you have to manage passwords, protect your member's area, keep up with who's active and who's stopped paying you, manage your content and at least two dozen other things. This requires a membership site "script" or special software. If you’ve done any research you’ll see that there are dozens of ‘cheap’ membership site scripts out there, however, most are poorly constructed and ineffective. Others are way too expensive (thousands of dollars) or have so many "bells and whistles" that you need to join a membership site just to learn how to use them. The first membership site I ran I paid nearly $5,000 for the software to run it!

4. Traditional membership sites demand a large investment of time.

You have a forum to moderate, cancellations to process, content to add, technical problems to troubleshoot, password problems to fix, and a variety of other tasks that usually get left out of the "salesletter" for a product or service trying to convince you to start a membership site. The truth is, a traditional membership site requires a large investment of time. Now, if this is the ONLY part of your business you'll have, you might pull it off. But, believe me, it will leave the average person with virtually no time to do list-building, traffic generation and develop other products.

5. Traditional membership sites face a continual battle to keep subscribers.

Here's a figure most people don't tell you about: the "average" subscriber will stay active for 3-4 months and then they'll cancel. Now for the membership sites I run the average length of stay is much longer than that and it’s down to the experience I have and what I’ve learned over the years running membership sites.

However I know many site owners who consider people staying for 4 months to be excellent! And with more and more membership sites being launched, this figure is probably going to get worse.

People simply don't have the time or money to remain active members in many different programs. Factor in their indifference, a lack of effort and a never ending amount of other enticing offers and you'll be lucky to get them to stay 3-4 months.

Now, as I said earlier I am a big fan of traditional membership sites and if you can work through, round or over the 5 points above to make your site a success, it can pay you back big time. (Mine do 🙂 )

However in this time poor world we live in today many people just don’t have the time or money and resources needed to start a traditional membership site.

So, if "traditional" membership sites aren't the answer, what is?

I'm glad you asked... 🙂

The Easiest Way To Create Residual Wealth Is To Start A "Fixed-Term Continuity Program or Fixed-Term Membership" Site

I’d love to say that I invented Fixed Term Continuity or Membership sites... but I didn’t.

They’ve been around in different guises for many years. What I did do is take the Fixed Term Concept and add my own experience in running continuity programs and membership sites to make them an IDEAL option for people to use to starting bringing in residual reoccurring income quickly.

And 'quickly' being the important word!

They are much easier to run, more effective at keeping members and just as profitable. And because of the results they produce I have no doubt they *will* be the "next big thing" that people will jump onto... you have the chance to be there first.

Let me quickly explain what a Fixed Term Membership Site is...

Definition: "Fixed-Term Continuity or Membership" program

A "fixed-term continuity or membership site" consists of weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly content shared via autoresponder to paid members for a specified period of time.

In a nutshell, here's what you'd do in running your own Fixed Term Continuity or Membership site...

  • Create ONE 3 - 10 page article/lesson every week. (Heck, if you like doing video, you could shoot one video a week or record an MP3 Audio)
  • Put this article (video or MP3) on a download page and send one autoresponder to subscribers with the access link.
  • Sell access to the series, which would last 3 - 6 - 9 or 12 months.

It's that simple.

I’ve done this in several niche markets and now have Fixed Term Continuity and Membership Sites running alongside my traditional memberships… and believe me they’re FAR easier to set up, run and manage.

And the benefits are the exact opposite of the barriers for traditional membership sites...

Benefits Of Running A Fixed Term Membership Site

1. Fixed-Term Membership (FTM) sites can be setup in 48 hours or less.

All you need to get started is one simple sales page, one article which is your first weeks ‘lesson’, one simple download page, one recurring billing processor (I.E. Clickbank or Paypal) and one autoresponder. Do you see how this can REALLY happen for you. Not "sometime in the future"... it can happen now, this week, you can have your own money-making membership site taking orders.

2. Fixed-Term Membership (FTM) sites are easy to maintain.

Instead of struggling to keep up with 3-5 fresh articles to your membership site week after week after week ... all you need to do is create ONE new article every week for a short amount of time. And, here's the best part, once you have your article written ... it's evergreen. That means, long after you've moved on to other projects, you can still add new customers to the membership site to access the series you've already completed! (Secret tip – you can even get others to create the article for you!)

3. Fixed-Term Membership (FTM) sites require no expensive scripts or pricey add ons.

You don't need to buy any expensive scripts to get an FTM site up and running. All it takes to actually "run" the technical side of your site is an autoresponder account and recurring billing (Clickbank or Paypal) and that's it. It is so simple that anyone can set this up within hours.

4. Fixed-Term Membership (FTM) sites require very little time.

Think about it: which takes longer to accomplish...(a) Write 3-5 new articles every week, moderating a forum, answering questions, etc, or
(b) Create 1 new article weekly for the length of your membership term and once you have an article written for each week of your course it can be used over and over?With a FTM site, the only real investment of time you'll have each week is to create one simple article to add to your autoresponder for members to receive. Hmmm, what could be better? It’s a simple choice to make.

5. Fixed-Term Membership (FTM) sites keep subscribers active longer.

Here's the beauty of the "fixed-term" model: subscribers will stay active longer. Why? Because with a "traditional" membership site there is no ending spot. There is no finish line. It just goes on and on, long after the subscriber has lost interest and moved on to other things. BUT, with a "fixed-term" membership site, there IS an ending ... after X number of weeks, the subscriber will have COMPLETED the series and will no longer pay.

Many will stay simply because they are "almost there". It’s human nature to want to have completed ‘things’... we don’t like to have incomplete ‘things’ in our lives and psychologically we want it all neat and tidy wrapped up with nothing missing.

And, when you factor in the numerous techniques I teach on "finishing" you'll get subscribers hanging on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the end of the series!

Let’s Take A Look At A Quick Example Of What A Fixed Term Membership Site or Continuity Program Could Be

Example: Your Springer Spaniels First Year -
From Puppy To Beyond...

Let's put on our thinking caps and suppose that your target audience is dog owners, with an emphasis on new dog owners and focusing on English Springer Spaniels. What could you do in order to establish a "fixed-term membership" site?

You could create a 12-month membership entitled, "Your Springer Spaniels First Year". In each weekly lesson you might share what kind of developmental progress should be made, warning signs to look for, helpful hints for various aspects of owning and training a Springer Spaniel Puppy, etc.

The beauty of this particular idea is that you can then create a "Your Springer Spaniels Second Year" and "graduate" members into another year of membership!

The reason I gave the example above is that we have an English Springer Spaniel and we spent a small fortune on training guides and the like when he was a puppy.

If there was a site I could go to and get the info I needed I would have paid! (Side note: Karen, my wife, has now set up a site dedicated to English Springer Spaniels and she’ll be launching her own Fixed Term site!)

Plus, if you could run a site for one breed of dog then why not simply replicate it for another breed. AND in most cases you’ll be able to use a lot of the material you’ve already created with minor edits and additions focusing on the new breed.

Here Are A Few Other Ideas For A Fixed Term Membership Site:

  • Investing in stocks and bonds.
  • Property investing.
  • Writing a book.
  • Creating home videos.
  • Scrapbooking.
  • Fundraising.
  • Romance.
  • Relationship building/repairing.
  • Losing weight.
  • Running a marathon.
  • Breaking a bad habit.

There are literally thousands and thousands of potential topics to choose from.

In fact, you could create a membership site or continuity program around just about any topic imaginable! (I'll actually give you plenty of ideas to choose from.)

So, I've pretty much told you the idea here... but, obviously, there is a RIGHT way to do things and a WRONG way to do things.

While the process is very simple and you could get started right now on your own, wouldn't you rather learn some amazing methods of turning this idea into a thriving money-maker for you?

I thought so.


The Automated Profit Generator

The Step By Step Blueprint For Getting YOUR Own Continuity Program or Membership Site Set up FAST

The Automated Profit Generator is a 10 lesson step by step blueprint for setting up your very own, highly profitable membership site or continuity program from scratch.

And unlike some programs out there that don’t tell you what’s included ... here’s the 10 lessons that will take you from zero to having income flow into your bank account EVERY MONTH.

Here are the 10 lessons included ...

  • Lesson #1: How To Start Your Own Membership Site or Continuity Program in 48 Hours Or Less
  • Lesson #2: The Secrets To Planning Your Successful Continuity or Membership Site (which one is right for you)
  • Lesson #3: How To Set Up Your Site FAST With A Step-By-Step-Blueprint
  • Lesson #4: Creating The Content of Your Membership Site or Continuity Program Quickly and Easily
  • Lesson #5: Simple and Powerful Marketing Tactics and Techniques To Promote your Site
  • Lesson #6: The Automated Profit Generator To Getting New Members
  • Lesson #7: How To Get Your First 100 Subscribers As FAST As Possible
  • Lesson #8: The Easy Single Step To Doubling Your Profits
  • Lesson #9: The Secret Process to Keeping Members Active
  • Lesson #10: How To Retain Your Members Keeping Them Active and Paying

Everything you need to get started and to finish your project is included. Once up and running this is a TRUE Automated Profit Generator paying you every single month.

In The Automated Profit Generator I Will Show You ...

How you can set up your own monthly profit generator and start seeing orders come in quickly using my step by step, easy to follow blueprint. Everything you need is included in the 10 lessons.

  • I show you how to choose a PROFITABLE market, niche, topic and title for your program - and all this is done starting from scratch.
  • I show you how to set up your fixed term membership site or continuity program in simple steps that are easy to follow and VERY detailed so anyone can follow them.
  • I show you how to get everything ready and make your site live ready to take orders and welcome paying customers!

Here are just a few of things you’ll discover when you invest in the Automated Profit Generator:

  • How to setup your own "fixed-term" membership site or continuity program in 48 hours or less!
  • A 10-step "Start up Checklist" given to you in easy to follow steps.
  • How to create the perfect first lesson or content to make your customer eager for more ensuring they stay longer.
  • Discover how I laugh at the typical 4 or 5 months retention of members other sites get and how you can copy my formula that gets people staying for 12 months.
  • The steps you need to ensure you can run your program on 4 or 5 hours a week.
  • How to explode your sales conversions and get more members.
  • How to set up your membership site or program quickly!
  • The simple steps to the creating content for your program fast.
  • The launch checklist making sure everything is ready.
  • 17 promotion techniques to get the word out about your program
  • My top 2 ways to keep members payig you month after month.
  • How to double your profit by adding ONE simple step ... works every time.
  • How to get those people who are ‘thinking of joining’ to make the decision TO join you.
  • My simple email you can copy to bring back those few people who do cancel.
  • Everything you need to know to take you from "start to sales"!

This is just a fraction of what you’ll discover when you invest in the Automated Profit Generator.

fade-leftfade-rightHere’s Your Chance To Get a 90%+ Discount

I’m not going to tell you that I’ll be releasing this unique course at a higher price sometime in the future. I don’t have to ... You see, the Automated Profit Generator course was original part of a 3 month Fixed Term Continuity Program that sells for $297 and continues to sell for $297.

The original course is delivered once a week over 12 weeks ... the lessons are drip fed.

Thousands of customers have paid the $297 to go through the entire full course, each one waiting 3 months to receive all of the lessons and complete the course.

With Automated Profit Generator I have taken the most powerful lessons that will get you up and running QUICKLY to see your new site live and taking orders ... welcoming new members as soon as possible.

FULL DISCLOSURE – The purpose of the Automated Profit Generator course is to be a FAST START program that gets you seeing sales and monthly recurring revenue as quickly as possible. It is for beginners and is structured as a beginner’s step by step plan.

You get EVERYTHING you need to be up and running, the first traffic to your site and your first members on board. I cover your first traffic generation methods, list building, member getting and keeping member strategies. This WILL get you your first members, see your first sales and get that confidence to go on and build a BIG membership or continuity business.

From here you can continue to learn safe in the knowledge you have a base of paying members to profit from. It is NOT an advanced course or a course if you already have thousands of members to learn from.

With the Automated Profit Generator I’ve kept in very simple. You get all the step by step instruction you need to get your membership site or continuity program up and running with your first paying members.

fade-leftfade-rightOK Nick, How Much Is The Fantastic Resource?

As I said, the original course sells for $297 day in and day out (check it out here however I know that at $297 it’s out of reach of many people who would LOVE to have monthly recurring income flow into their bank account every month on autopilot.

One of my personal goals is to help 1000 people make a minimum of $1000 per month with their own membership site of continuity program. And to do that I need to get this information in as many hands as possible so they can reach that goal themselves.

And it’s for that reason I’m not going to charge hundreds fo Dollars for this unique step by step blueprint.

I’m going to make it a VERY EASY decision to invest in this course and make it affordable for everyone.

AND ... you can access ALL of the lessons immediately, no waiting for each lesson to be released and no big amount to pay out.

The price for the Automated Profit Generator is just a low one off payment of:

Here’s How To Get Your Copy Of The Automated Profit Generator
Completely Risk Free

Although I KNOW having a membership or continuity program in your business will be a game changer for you as you‘ll see money flowing into your bank account every month on autopilot; you may still be thinking “is this for me?” or “can I do it?”.

Creating and profiting from a Fixed Term Membership Site or Continuity Program is SIMPLE once you know what you’re doing and that’s what this step by step course will show you.

However, to put your mind at rest here’s what I want you to do today.

Money Back Guarantee

Invest in The Automated Profit Generator, go through the step by step modules, use the bonuses and if within 30 days you don’t have your membership site set up, or you simply can’t do it, then email me and I’ll refund every penny to you no questions asked.

Now, I know that some people will take advantage of this guarantee and rip me off. It DOESN’T bother me.

I’ve been selling online since 1998 and know who will and won’t succeed; those people will never be successful and therefore are doomed to a life of failure because of their negative mindset.

However I know you’re different. You’ve read this far which means you are hungry for success, you know what it takes to succeed and are prepared to go for it!

At such a low investment just one member would make you your money back!

Heck, if you can’t find ONE person to pay you at the minimum of $10 per month out of the billions of people online then you may as well stop now … I mean, one person at $10, c’mon!

Place Your Order Today And You’ll Receive The Following Bonuses FREE

Now these bonuses aren’t unrelated low quality products just to 'beef up' the main product. I have sold these bonuses as separate products with the price listed below. You get them with my compliments when you invest in The Automated Profit Generator

Bonus #1

27 Fixed Term Membership Ideas You Can Profit From Immediately. If you’re stuck for an idea for your site then you will have access to this brand new report where I detail 27 different markets that you can set up a fixed term membership site in and profit from. PLUS, within each market I list several sub segments you can choose from. Because I don’t want to saturate this report it is available for a limited time only.

PDF Report Value $27

Bonus #2

How To Start Your Membership by Outsourcing The Work. I know that you may want to be hands off with your membership site, especially when setting it up. So I have put together a DETAILED report that walks you through outsourcing and getting others to do all of the tasks required. I have put this in depth report together from my own experience and will give you the contact details of the people I use in my business.

PDF Report Value $47

Bonus #3

MP3 Audio Training. In this unique recording I was interviewed on the topic of setting up fixed term membership sites and continuity programs. The interviewer was excellent as he got me to walk through and reveal the exact steps required PLUS additional tactics and strategies I use to bring in more members and make more profit.

MP3 Audio Value $27

That’s a real world bonus value of $101 when you order The Automated Profit Generator today.

To Recap ... Here’s What You’ll Receive:

  • Immediate Access To All of The Lessons
  • Immediate Access to All of The Bonuses
  • Immediate Access To The BEST training on getting your own fixed term membership site or continuity program up and running with members joining

I mentioned this earlier, but just want to stress it one last time because I think it's one of the most important benefits to you by using the "fixed-term membership/continuity" model.

Once you have your articles/lessons created... it's evergreen! That means, long after you've moved on to other projects, you can still add new customers to the membership site to access the series you've already completed!

Imagine this for just a moment -

500 members all paying you $20 per month ($10,000 monthly income) and you are off working on other projects! The residual income is still coming in even though you aren't actively working on the site like a traditional membership site would force you to do. As old members finish the series, new members are joining up!

fade-leftfade-rightGet Instant Access Now

Reserve your copy of the Automated Profit Generator today and secure your copy at the lowest price PLUS get instant access to all of the lessons immediately.

If you want monthly income flowing into your bank account every month on autopilot then click the buy button below and let’s get strated ...

I look forward to hearing about your success very soon.

Best wishes

Nick James

Note: when you have recurring income coming into your business every month it gives you a LOT of confidence to grow your business. Each month you know how much money you will have WITHOUT having to make any new sales.

If you decide to take time off this money will still come into your bank account. If you’re unfortunate to be ill, then you’ll have no money worries as the money will still come into your bank account.

And if you want the ultimate automated lifestyle business then this is it. The business can be run from anywhere and money will still come into your bank account.

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